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Awareness Secretary

• Shall maintain the inventory of GSS room.

• Shall maintain the roster of cleanliness and order in GSS room.
• Shall provide the account of developments to be carried in the Secretariat.
• Shall conduct the annual graduate student welfare survey.
• Shall take in charge of internal welfare of committee members.
• Shall propose the evaluation and incentive methods of the performance of committee members.
• Shall keep track of memberships, regular maintenance of database with the help from IT secretary and organise membership drives for graduate students.
• Shall initiate the membership marketing.
• Shall co-ordinate with the Office of Estate and Development (OED).
(The secretariat cleanliness is an important issue and its negligence might lead to serious consequences
from OSA. The above mentioned roster will include all members under welfare secretary who present
during the cleaning session turn-by-turn.)

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