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Director of Community Affairs

• Shall be responsible for the management and coordination of the activities of the Society.

• Shall be responsible for the resolution of issues pertaining to the interests of the members of the Society.
• Shall lead the team which organizes short and long term events and co-ordination committees.
• Shall join his/her Committee independent meetings on a regular basis and make sure all the committee under his/her control are functional to carry on the flag events.



Director of Academic Affairs

• Shall be responsible to organize an annual university-wide academic activity as a signature of GSS.

• Shall call on regular meeting for GSS Constitution Cell (Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Science, School of Medicine, Faculty of Arts and Social Science, and School of Computing) for functional integration.
• Shall be responsible for launching an annual Graduate Student Leader Summit, in order to share the experience, tighten the relationship, and seek collaborations.
• Shall be responsible for increasing the faculty’s awareness about GSS.

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